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Tips For A Great Visit

Contact Phone Number

Provide a cell phone number of someone who will be at the event and have it on. This will help to communicate with Santa on the day of the event.

Santa Parking

Reserving a special parking spot for Santa is very helpful. A spot that is out of view of windows, but close to the entrance is ideal. Cleared sidewalks / driveways are a plus!

Dedicated Helper

Have someone meet Santa outside when he arrives. Helping load gifts into Santa’s bag and showing Santa his entrance spot.

Grand Entrance

Have Santa make a big grand entrance to your event. Ensuring all guests are in the same area and singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

Santa Placement

Place Santa’s Chair next to your Christmas Tree or other great backgrounds for photos. Ensure there is some room on either side of the chair for Santa’s bag.


Placing Santa next to the fireplace makes for a great photo, but we ask that you do not do that. Santa’s suit is very warm and is not fireplace friendly with all the heat!


When Santa prepares to exit from your event, ensure all the guests are in a central area and can give Santa the room he needs to leave. Usually after Santa hands out gifts, he will say his goodbyes and make his exit.


If you are paying any remainder of your balance or wishing to give Santa a tip. You can place this in a Christmas card addressed to Santa. We do not want children witnessing this transaction.